Africa Twin Test

Africa Twin Test
12th May 2017 Team CSF
2017 Africa Twin vs 1988 Africa Twin

Africa Twin Test

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The Honda Africa Twin is one of the great bikes in the Adventure category, but can the new 240Kg, £12,000 CRF1000L with a DCT gearbox(!) match up to the simplicity and ruggedness of the tried and tested 80’s original?

The new bike is bigger and more comfortable than Harry’s £1,500 RD03 and comes equipped with what looks like a set of road tyres rather than the older bikes fit-for-purpose nobblies. More interestingly, the new bike is also equipped with a DCT dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

“Feels like an oversized dirtbike”

Harry ships both bikes down to the Pyreneees to give them a back to back test. It’s another fantastic adventure, and  with new improved technology Harry is able to give us a running commentary while riding as well as discussing gear options and revealing how to deal with a puncture while out in the back country.

To find out how he got on with the slippery-looking tyres and auto gearbox, just watch the video.

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