£1.2 Million Capital Release

£1.2 Million Capital Release
22nd November 2021 Emma Haynes

£1.2 Million Capital Release

£1.2 Million Capital Release Against High-Value Car Collection

Providing finance for a car purchase is one element of our service, however, the bulk of our activity is loan restructure and capital raising on cars and lifestyle assets.

This is how it works – Our client’s requirement was to quickly release £1.2 million liquidity from his £2.4 million car collection to use for an alternative investment.

Our Client:

  • A high net worth business owner with complex income streams
  • Total unencumbered car collection of £2.4 million
  • In need of significant equity in a short period of time


  • Loan type: Regulated Hire Purchase – totally flexible and simple
  • Loan amount: 50% loan to value at £1.2 million
  • Interest only for 36 months
  • Fast turnaround in 7 working days


  • To raise equity against a house is time consuming and expensive with fees
  • The car collection has maintained good value and provides asset security
  • To draw funds from his business would unnecessarily attract taxation
  • Disposing of assets through sale may result in lower market prices

For us, the enquiry was easy to conclude, clear underwriting details and asset details enabled us to process this application with 7 working days. A competitive interest rate and flexible facility on an interest only profile.

We can provide equity release on all types of lifestyle assets including Jewellery, Antiques, Cars, Art, Boats and Aviation without a property guarantee.

Effective – Competitive – Discreet

If you need to raise capital, consolidate existing agreements into one or just raise to purchase an asset. Please call a member of the team on 01869 351512, we are here to help!

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