Why use a Finance Broker?

Why use a Finance Broker?
24th February 2021 Ed Barton-Hilton
Why to use a finance broker such as Classic & Sports Finance.

Why use a Finance Broker?

The world of finance can be daunting with a multitude of loan marketing and advertising campaigns directed at you, mainly for use in the purchase of new or slightly used motor cars.

These schemes are invariably designed to get you hooked with headline monthly payments to lead you into buying a new model of some kind. These sterile packages are generally computer-driven with a Yes or No outcome- But what if the computer says no or the item you are buying falls outside of the lending criteria set by the said finance house?

On occasions, it might not be as clear to the role we play in securing finance for either your car loan, balloon refinance, capital raising, or debt restructuring- The question is, what do we actually do for you and how do we do it?

Using an Intermediary

Different lenders have different lending criteria and different appetites for different markets. The age of a car or use of a motor vehicle, the employment status of you, which jurisdiction you pay your tax in etc. can all make a difference.

So what if you could go to one source with your enquiry, be able to discuss your wants and needs, and place the problem with someone else i.e. a service provider with an intimate knowledge of the sector and access to a multitude of lenders on one accessible panel all with a variety of lending criteria and competitive market interest rates. The provider would then qualify your needs and select the appropriate finance company on your behalf. Ensuring that the details you provide meet with the underwriting requirements, they will protect you through the supply route and offer experienced advice on your purchase or refinance.

What if that intermediary balanced and managed the often difficult administration between you, the supplier and the finance provider to protect both buyer and seller, fully understanding the potential issues and working around them to conclude a seamless, safe and efficient transaction? We are confident that we can do so.


For over two decades Classic & Sports Finance has provided funding for classic, sports, vintage, and racecars along with other lifestyle assets to meet these needs.

As markets have changed, lenders have come and gone, the constant has been the ability for us to make certain we deliver the best of breed from these markets. Ensuring we give you access to the latest finance products at competitive interest rates and on safe and acceptable terms is our key objective-

A happy customer is a returning customer and we value that.

Experience and market agility is the key to what we can offer you, so the next time you feel a transaction has been easy and seamless with us, take comfort in the thought that we have earned our reputation through learning our craft. Our offering will continue to develop as your wants and needs evolve.