VW Microbus Deluxe 23

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Marque: Volkswagen

Year: 1963

Model: 1936 VW Type 2 Microbus Deluxe Split Screen 23 Window ‘Samba’

Price: £ NOW SOLD

Dealer: UK Sports Cars

Direct Link: Here

The ‘Samba’ has always been the most desirable Volkswagen Type 2. The Type 2 has always been referred to by many names, whether that’s Split Screen, Splittie, Bus, Microbus, Camper or Type 2, but from the factory this one was known as a ‘Deluxe Microbus’

The 23 window ‘Deluxe Microbus’ was marketed as the perfect vehicle for touring the alps. With windows all the way around, skylights and a full length opening canvas roof, you can see why it was a super sight seeing special. Pun intended.

All that glass, the canvas roof and the disposability of these buses throughout the 1970s and 80s mean that any surviving examples can count themselves lucky.

This particular example was delivered to Texas where it enjoyed a hot, dry, rust free climate. Having been imported into the UK in 2013, it has undergone a restorative transformation and now sits in a condition that greatly exceeds the way it left the factory back in 1963. This Samba boasts a brand new 1641cc engine and an all new bespoke interior.

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Unsure if a VW Spit Screen Campervan is for you? Harry Metcalfe has some great advice:

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VW camper van split screen review and buying guide.

VW Split Screen ‘Samba’ 23 Window – The Dealer’s Final Word:

“This is one of the best buses we have ever seen in many years of specialising in these vehicles. If you are looking for the absolute ultimate VW camper van as well as an ideal investment opportunity then this is the bus for you.”



Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“Well, in Volkswagen circles, I think they refer to this as the holy grail. The fact that this bus is a factory 23 window and not one that’s been converted makes it a highly alluring prospect. UK Sports Cars even say that after the restoration, the engine has no miles and most importantly, the bed hasn’t been slept in. These 23 window vans are extremely hot property at the moment, and the finish on this one certainly looks superb.”




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