Maserati Owner’s Club Event

Maserati Owner’s Club Event
19th February 2021 Ed Barton-Hilton
Maserati Owner’s Club Event.

Maserati Owner’s Club Event

Last week we were invited to host a live Zoom event with the Maserati Owner’s Club. The discussion quickly opened with the natural questions relating to the state of the market and luxury items in general, we had a great and diverse talk around everything cars and more importantly, the future. A fabulous contribution from all angles and from the members in the know.

The Maserati owners club, founded in 1972, is one of the oldest British Maserati clubs with a membership of 700 or so enthusiasts, dealers and petrol heads. Maybe more concentrated than most luxury car marques, the club does though have a membership of mature and experienced owners who are clearly devoted to the brand and its custodianship.

We discussed the models and why the cars seemed to be more popular with older generations compared to Porsche and say the Ferrari marques but overall it was established that under appreciation of the cars could be the main factor. Thankfully nobody asked me about the structure of finance packages and residual values – could have been tricky!

Talk around the future of Maserati and millennials was also opened up by a selection of members. Many concurred that their children did not share the same enthusiasms that they once had in their youth – with the potential 2040 Petrol ban set in place and the popularity of electric cars, not to mention Tesla’s growing legacy, we wondered if this might be one of the possible causes. To conclude the two and a half hour discussion we finished reflecting on the future once again, online car auctions and could we be facing more innovative ways of transport in the future such as subscription based models without the commitment of ownership? Heavens forbid!

It was an excellent discussion and I felt honoured to be invited to join the call with the members through this lockdown period. A really interesting bunch of guys and with such a knowledgable base in their chosen marque, I learnt a lot and thank club Chairman Michael O’ Shea for including us.