CARS are world leaders in the air and sea freight shipment of historic, rare, and prestigious vehicles.

Nothing quite matches the experience of owning a classic motor car. Anyone who has ever been tempted to make the leap from mere spectator to loving custodian knows the sense of pride that comes from many long days of painstaking restoration, problem solving, and ultimately driving an icon of the motoring age.

Whether it is a modern supercar, a vintage limousine from the golden age of motoring, a pioneer of post-war mass production, or a high-value factory prototype you may want to drive and display it among the world’s finest automobiles, transporting it to car shows, concours d’elegance, exhibitions, trade shows and other events all over the world.

You provide the romance, nostalgia, and sheer thrill of driving a classic – CARS will deliver it to any destination in the world that your heart may desire.

Phone:01284 850950
Location:Chedburgh, Suffolk°50'25.0%22N+1°09'24.3%22W/@50.8402823,-1.294623,11z
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