Porsche 911T / ST

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1969 Porsche 911T to ST Specification for sale

An accurately made replica of a very rare 911 indeed – Ready to be used and enjoyed

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Dealer: William I’anson

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About the Porsche 911T:

Back in 1969 prospective buyers of the Porsche 911 had three options – the entry-level 911T (Touring) and mid-range 911L (Luxury) joined the flagship 911S (Super). In 1969 the 911L had morphed into the 911E as it gained fuel injection (Einspritzung).

Power output for the three models were at 130hp for the 911T, 165hp for the 911E and a stately 190hp for the 911S.

After the 911S came the 911R…

Hungy for racing glory, the factory produced the 911R, a lightweight racing version of the 911S with thin fiberglass reinforced plastic doors, a magnesium crankcase, twin overhead camshafts and 210hp. When all was said and done it weighed just 800kg against the 1030kg of the 911s.

Although Porsche’s racing manager was enthusiastic about the car, the sales department were not. Just 20 examples were made.

Although Porsche failed to produce the 500 models needed to homologate the 911R, one did go on to win the 1967 Marathon De La Route, an 84 hour non-stop race around the old Nurburgging’s Nodrschleift and Sudschleife combined. This was an incredible feat for the car. The 911R also took wins in other endurance events, which included setting no less than five new long-distance world records, one of which was an impressive 209k/mh average speed over 20,000 km at Monza in October 1967.

After the 911R came the 911 T/R…

The 911 T/R used the 911T (being 52kg lighter than the standard 911S) but utilised parts from the 911R project. It was aimed at customers who wanted to take the Porsche racing, and could be specified with almost any combination of parts as the customer required depending on use and budget. Two engines were available, being the 160 bhp 911S engine (or 180bhp with the Rally-kit) and the exotic twin-plug 906 engine. This was a full race engine with titanium internals, twin plug heads and 230 bhp.

In total, just 35 911 T/R examples were built and only 3 of them right hand drive

After the 911 T/R came the 911 ST…

Following the 911 T/R came the 911 ST, manufactured in 1971 for the Acropolis Rally.

The 911 ST used a short-stroke 2.3 litre engine with the carburettors, cam shafts and ventilated brakes from the 911S along with the magnesium cased 901/911 gearbox. Through 1972 the car developed further, utilising larger 46mm carburettors from the 904 and 906 sports prototypes, 906 camshafts and 66m crankshaft wit bores taken out to 89mm. Weight was around 820kg and
sometimes lower.

In total, just 7 911 ST examples were built by the factory. A further 36 were sold as official ST kits.

About this Porsche 911T to ST Specification:

This car has been built to be an exact replica of a 1971 911 ST.

It began life in 1969 as a 911T, sold new by Porsche Cars Pacific Inc. in Bahama Yellow with Black Leather interior.

911 expert Steve Monk restored the car to be an identical replica for historic racer Peter Rutt.

The car has been treated to a complete strip down to bare metal. This included being seam welded and reinforced and then drilled / lightened where possible. The doors were skinned in aluminium and it wears an original fibreglass bonnet from a factory RSR.


The engine is built to Works specification, using an early 1965 crankcase, 66mm short stroke crankshaft, 89mm barrels, high compression Male pistons, 46mm IDEA Webber carburettors, 911 ‘mod S’ camshafts, 46mm / 40mm inlet / exhaust cylinder heads which were gas flowed by JM racing and a correct early exhaust. It produces 231bhp on the rolling road.

The gearbox is a ‘proper’ 901 dog-leg, it has steel ‘type A’ brake callipers with enlarged pistons and Bilstein suspension. It sits on Minilite wheels at the rear and Fuchs at the front. True to form the car weighed in at 845kg ‘dry’ when complete.

This car was featured in a five page article in Octane Magazine, July 2016, where it took part on the Tour Auto with editor David Lillywhite.

Since the feature the car has had very little use. It is now ready for an enthusiastic owner to take up the mantle.

A superb chance to finance your very own classic Porsche

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Porsche 911T to ST Specification – The Dealer’s Final Word:

“This is an ideal entry to the increasingly popular competitive rallies like the Tour Auto and the Modena Cento Ore.”




Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“A period correct, important, ready to roll road racer. Looks a lot of fun, too.”




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