Our evening with Gordon Murray!

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Simon Arron and Ed Foster of Motor Sport Magazine were incisive interviewers, but Gordon was fantastic. He answered both technical and historical questions fully and comprehensively – but with a good splash of humour thrown in. I really would like to know why Ringo Starr’s wife, Barbara Bach, was unable to get her legs to work after Gordon took her for a drive in George Harrison’s car???

Subjects covered ranged from Gordon’s innovative fan designs; the start of his career in the UK; his progression to Formula 1 and the almost unbelievable fact that both Jack Brabham and Bernie Ecclestone gave him total carte blanche both in terms of design, and in recruiting and developing his own team.

Gordon’s analysis of the relevance of the electric car, in response to an audience question, was masterful. He dissected the pros and cons admirably – coming to the conclusion that the electric car is a stop gap, not an answer.

Gordon’s love of all things automotive shone through – a clever, insightful, erudite speaker, the whole event was an absolute pleasure and ranks high in our events list as one to have experienced!

Next up…

2019 Formula 1 Review with Damon Hill and Karun Chandhok – 6th December at the IET London. Reserve your space for what will be an electric evening!

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