Mercedes-Benz 220

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Mercedes-Benz 220SEb for sale

1962 Mercedes 220 SEb Coupe (W111) – Lots of recent works completed – A very usable and beautiful classic

Price: £46,950

Dealer: Avantgarde Classics

Direct Link: Here

About the Mercedes-Benz 220 Coupe (W111):

Production of the W111 Coupe began in 1960. The launch model featured the 2195 cc M127 engine, which remained until the W111 / W112 arrived in 1965. The 2.2 litre engine was joined by a range-topping 300SE, utilising the 2996cc M189 engine. The 220SE was superseded in August 1965 by the 250SE, using the 2496cc M129 engine and offering 150hp. This was then superseded in 1967 by the 280SE when Mercedes-Benz introduced the 2778cc M130 engine rated at 160hp. Finally in 1969 the coveted 280 SE 3.5 arrived, with the al-new M116 3499cc V8 engine and 200hp. The last 280SE was produced in 1971. Over ten years Mercedes-Benz produced 16,902 SEbs, 6,213 250SEs, 5187 280SEs and 4502 280SE 3.5s. It wouldn’t be replaced until the C126 arrived in 1981.

About this Mercedes-Benz 220 Coupe (W111):

This car was supplied new by Franco Boringa Mercedes Benz of Rome on 11th June 1962 to Dario Lenzini, from the Lenzinio family of Lazio Football Club. The family kept the car some 19 years. The ‘Roma’ plates from this period are gladly still with the vehicle. The car was then taken over by a Mr De Novellis, an Italian Embassy official who owned the car for an incredible 35 years. During this time it accompanied him on a move to the UK. The most recent owner purchased it just a few years ago, and has spent a considerable amount of time and money to bring the car up to the standard it is at today. This includes a refurbished interior as well as work to the engine, transmission, steering and brakes. The car has a comprehensive history file including original documents dating back to the 1960s.

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Mercedes-Benz 220 Coupe (W111) – The Dealer’s Final Word:

“During the process of restoration the owner was in contact with previous owner Mr De Novellis, who was recently reunited with his beloved Coupe”




Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“These Mercedes-Benz coupes are some of the best looking 2 doors around. What’s not to love?.”




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