Mortgage Equity

Working with mortgage brokers and independant financial advisors, we are often asked to release capital from alternative assets to assist in providing suitable equity for high value mortgage transactions.

For Mortgage Brokers

We can help your clients get easy access to their money. Firstly, you’re probably questioning our name. Well, when we started back in 1999 we primarily financed high valuable investment cars and because of that, we are now highly regarded in the general luxury asset sector. Now, we help our clients (and can help yours too!) finance or refinance additional personal or business assets to free up cash to use in other ways.

Capital raising against unencumbered luxury assets is smarter than drawing dividends from a business or investments, Directors loans or selling future performing assets.

Our products are simple and either regulated or unregulated, we offer a fast and seamless turnaround at competitive industry interest rates and flexibility with short, mid, or longer term loans.

Get in touch for an exploratory chat that may give you some ideas of things you can suggest to your clients about how to raise capital. We are an experienced and focused team with a blend of speed, transparency and good service.

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For Individuals

The nature of our business dictates that conversations with clients often shift to other assets such as property. Over the years we have worked with a select and trusted group of mortgage brokers who like us, aim to provide an outstanding service and the best products available on the market. If you are considering an additional property purchase or your mortgage renewal is imminent, get in touch. Let us assist by connecting you with our recommended mortgage specialists.

If you are looking to raise capital for a property purchase or mortgage, we can release equity from unencumbered luxury assets you already own, meaning you can retain use and possession of your goods while generating cashflow.

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