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Classic Car Finance

Our classic car finance products are created for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. With knowledge developed over three decades, we can provide access to our relationships with funders, suppliers, motor clubs and auction houses. We offer long term classic car finance agreements, realistic deposits and balloon structures.

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Sports Car Finance

Our sports car finance packages cover all ages of cars including brand new models. We have strong links with specialist dealers and franchised main dealer networks. We have no age restriction on the financing of the majority of sports cars and can offer realistic deposits, two- to five-year terms and balloons on most sports cars.

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Vintage Car Finance

Finance for vintage and veteran models has often been considered difficult to obtain, so we have worked hard to develop clear and uncomplicated purchase plans.

A Veteran car was built between 1905-1918, a Vintage car between 1919-1930 and a car built between 1931-1945 is a Post-Vintage model. This sector is very small, but crucially important to the historic car movement as this is where – as a motoring nation – our roots are. In terms of values, these cars have always remained stable and strong, and we recognise this.

With such annual events as the London to Brighton Run, Goodwood Revival and the international rallies that the vintage car clubs increasingly organise, the interest in these cars is becoming stronger and stronger.

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Motorsport Finance

With the development of motor sport ‘on track’ insurance, we have created competitive and uncomplicated race car finance options for purchasing a race car or rally car. This can provide capital to use through the racing season, and to make things even easier, we can also finance race transporters and motor homes.

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Classic Motorcycle Finance

Classic motorcycles have a few advantages over classic cars which is making them desirable to collectors. They are easy to store, parts are readily available, the market is truly international (no RHD/LHD) and there is a good supporting infrastructure in the UK. We have seen a steady increase in the demand for classic motorcyles.

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