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We arrange finance for people, not cars. Everybody’s circumstances and goals are different and we recognise this.

Classic and Sports Finance specialise in arranging finance on cars that most lenders won’t fund – be they too old, too valuable or too unusual for them to consider or understand. We arrange funding packages in a variety of different ways and for a variety of different luxury assets – not just cars. Our experience in this sector of the classic and sports car industry is unsurpassed and through this experience we offer far more than just finance – we offer the best possible advice on how, what and where to buy. Your finance options will vary depending on your personal situation and the car or asset yo u are buying. We have no age limit on car funding so we will do our best to design the plan around you and what you are buying.

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  • Dealer purchaseRelease capital from a vehicle
  • Equity release Release capital from a vehicle
  • Private purchaseArrange finance to purchase from a private seller
  • Auction financeArrange finance to buy a car at auction
  • Restoration financeOptions to help fund a restoration
  • Collector credit facilitiesBuy whichever car you want, when you want
  • Lifestyle financeFinance boats, planes, watches and other.


We have arranged over £100 million of finance for classic car enthusiasts and collectors since 2008. From MGB to Ferrari 250 GTO, we are the UK’s leading specialist in classic car funding with unrivalled industry experience.

Equity Release


Classic & Sports Finance equity release schemes offer excellent rates over a period of up to five years and allows the use of the vehicle.

Vehicles we finance

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  • No upper limit on multi - million pound credit facilities
  • Regulated agreements up to £500,000
  • Repayment periods: 12 - 60 months with a balloon
  • End of agreement re-finance facility
  • Flexible deposits

  • Balloon payments available on cars of any age
  • Finance for businesses or private individuals
  • Pre-approved facilities for auction purchases
  • Classic finance specialists handle your enquiry and application


Why Use Classic Sports & Finance
  • Buy collectors cars of any value
  • No early settlement penalties on regulated agreements
  • Capital overpayments available on regulated agreements
  • Wide range of payment plans and finance options
  • Flexibility & confidence when bidding at auction
  • Experienced advice throughout the purchase process

Motorcycle Finance Pages

Classic Motorcycle Finance

Classic motorcycles have increased in popularity and value recently - as has the desire to finance them.

Classic motorcycles have a few advantages over classic cars which is making them desirable to collectors. They are easy to store, parts are readily available, the market is truly international (no RHD/LHD) and there is a good supporting infrastructure in the UK. They're also a lot of fun and they look great, but watch out for repair bills that can be high relative to the purchase price.


Who uses Classic and Sports Finance?

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  • How do I apply for finance?

Case Studies

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A few recent testimonials from our valued clients.

“Your emails help me justify my hobby to my wife!” Anonymous.

“Shoot for the stars and the universe and Classic and Sport Finance return with magic! I had a Dream and you made it come true.” David Holder, Bentley R Type Continental Fastback.

“Just to thank you again for all your help arranging the finance and patience with me over the last few months. You made the whole process so easy throughout and a very smooth deal resulted. I collected the 355 spider on Saturday and am absolutely thrilled with the car. ” Henry Smith

“I must say I’ve been extremely impressed with the market information provided in your newsletters which has proved very useful! Thank you.” ES

“Just a brief note to thank you, once again, for all your help !  Your calm deliberations, and the work you must do ” off the ball ” are much appreciated.  You are one of a very small group that actually seems to me to talk sense about car prices !” DI

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