Ferrari Testarossa

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Ferrari Testarossa for sale

1990 Ferrari Testarossa – 14,000 miles – Rosso Corsa with Crema

Price: £140,000

Dealer:  Sherwood Restorations

Direct Link: Here

About the Ferrari Testarossa
Comparisons are always drawn between the Ferrari Testarossa it’s arch nemesis the Lamborghini Countach, but the two are very different. Where the Countach was raw and wild, the Testarossa was conventional and refined.
With a 385bhp 4.9 litre V12 and svelte looks, the Testarossa was more GT than racer. The marketing material was all winding roads and big skies, notably lacking in race track imagery.
While the Lamborghini Countach had the Ferrari pegged for acceleration and power, at the top end the two were closely matched. The Ferrari offers an altogether less nerve jangling experience for the driver.

During 12 years of production Ferrari made over 11,000 Testarossas, in three incarnations – Testarossa, 512TR and F512M.

Ferrari Testarossa Production and numbers

The 1984-91 Testarossa made up 7,177 of these, with 2,261 512 TRs and 501 of the F512M.

The 1991-94 512 TR offered a raft of improvements but lost some of the iconic style of the earlier car.

The 1994-95 F512M had more power but the oh-so-wonderful pop up headlights were gone!

The last Testarossa signalled the end of the flat-twelve era. The next 12 cylinder supercar to come out of Maranello would be the front engined Ferrari 550 named after Ferrari’s hometown.

About This Ferrari Testarossa

This beautiful 1990 car is at the tail end of Testarossa production, and is of course in the iconic ‘Rosso’ red.

With less than 14,000 miles showing it really is a superb opportunity to acquire an iconic automotive slice of the 1980s.

Finance this car
Not sure if a Ferrari Testarossa is for you? Ask Harry Metcalfe, he bought one (and drove it to the Sahara and back):

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Ferrari Testarossa drive and review

1990 Ferrari Testarossa- The Dealer’s Final Word:

“A stunning example of this iconic Supercar.”




Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“One of the all time greats.”




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