Ferrari 512 BB Targa

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Marque: Ferrari

Year: 1978

Model: 1978 Ferrari 512 BB Targa – Conversion by R. Straman Co

Price: £233,000

Dealer: GTO Engineering

Direct Link: Here

Building a mid-engined supercar was not a step that Enzo Ferrari took willingly, but as the Ferrari marque lost it’s racing edge to mid-engined cars in the late 1950s and early 1960s, his resolve began to change. The Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer was the result.

Built between 1976 and 1981, the Ferrari 512 BB (or Berlinetta Boxer) uses a 12 cylinder mid-mounted 4.4 litre engine. Unlike the design of most V12 engines which have cylinders set at 90 degrees, the Ferrari 512’s cylinders are in a flattened V at 180 degrees. This design allowed for a low engine deck at the rear of the car, even though the engine sits on top of a 5 speed transmission. The expertly designed and proportioned body was the work of Pininfarina’s Leonardo Fioravanti, who already had the Dino, Daytona, 365 GT2 2+2 and 308 GTB on his CV. He would go on to design the 288 GTO and F40.

Just 929 examples of the 512 were produced before fuel injection took over with the later 512BBi in 1981. This is one of them.

The 512BB was never officially available in the United States, as Enzo Ferrari believed that with the 55mph speed limit, environmental and safety regulations his V8 models would suffice. Notwithstanding, dealers worked with third parties to ensure Stateside buyers with an appetite for V12 engined cars from Maranello were catered for – this one was imported new in 1978.

This car is one of just 2 512 BB given a Targa roof conversion by legendary coach-builders R. Straman Co. in Costa Mesa, California.

It is in it’s original paint colour of Black with a natural tan daytona-seated interior, and currently resides back in the United Kingdom.

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1978 Ferrari 512 BB Targa – The Dealer’s Final Word:

“The car has hardly been driven since a major mechanical overhaul by GTO Engineering in our Los Angeles workshop”




Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“A Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer Targa… I was convinced just flicking through the photos. What a unique opportunity.”




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