Equity Release

Classic car equity release allows owners and collectors to unlock the capital tied up in their high value classics.

Equity release is becoming an increasingly popular way for owners to release equity from their cars to fund the purchase of additional vehicles or other projects leaving their own cash in the bank. Funds are secured on the vehicle rather than on other assets such as property.

Unlike many short-term equity release solutions – “posh pawn” – Classic & Sports Finance equity release schemes offer excellent rates over a period of up to five years and allows the use of the vehicle. Most short term “log book loans” require the customer to hand over their vehicle to the lender as security and incur high rates of interest. This is not a short term bridging solution which is why the terms are so much more attractive.

To find out more please contact Rob Johnson for a discussion on 01869 351512.


How much does my classic car need to be worth to qualify? 
We can consider vehicles worth in excess of £25,000

How much equity can I release? 
Typically we can release up to 90% of your vehicle’s value.

I have  a classic car collection – can I release equity from more than one car?

Will I be able to use my vehicle?
Yes – our equity release works just like a mortgage or hire-purchase agreement and you will be able to use and enjoy your vehicle as you always have.

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Equity Release

Unlock the capital in your valuable classic

  • Hire purchase packages from 12-60 months
  • You remain the keeper of the vehicle
  • Continue to drive & enjoy your car
  • Not “posh pawn” or a logbook loan

Who uses Classic and Sports Finance?

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