Dealer widget integration: WordPress plugin

WordPress plugin

(Last updated: 25/03/2019)

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We make available a WordPress plugin that can simplify adding finance buttons to arbitrary content. Below is a quick guide to installation.

Installing the WordPress plugin

You can download the plugin here.

First, add the new plugin. Choose Add New from the Plugins menu.

Then click Upload Plugin:

Now you will need to select the plugin zip file on your computer and then click Install Now to upload it:

Once the plugin is uploaded, click Activate Plugin to activate it:

Once the plugin is activated, click the settings page link.

You will now be taken to the admin settings page for the widget, where you will see some instructions on how to place widget links.

N.B. There is a GUI tool for this too (see below).

You will need to provide at least your dealer ID. The dealer ID shown below is an example; use your own dealer ID.

Other configuration options are available here for your designers/developers to use.

The HTML inserted by the button can be edited to match that used by your site elsewhere.

N.B. We recommend leaving at least one block level container around the button if you’re going to use the visual editor support.

You can also specify any CSS you’d like to apply to the HTML you insert.

Once you are happy with your settings, save them.

Using the button tool in the editor

(Please note that if your WordPress installation makes use of the Shortcake plugin, adding links will instead be done through the Shortcake ‘add page element’ facility, but the flow is broadly the same)

Assuming you left the shortcode facility enabled, you should see the extra CSF button in content areas, like so.

(This extra button may not display in front-end page builder editors; please contact us if you have any trouble; we may be able to implement it.)

Clicking that button will bring up an inline form where you can specify your make/model and price:

When you click OK, you will see the finance button added to the page, previewed in the CSS styles specified in the admin panel. If you click that button you will get an edit/delete option like the following, allowing the adjustment of those settings.

And that’s all you need to do. Saving this page will insert that finance button into the page content, and when previewed should launch the dealer widget successfully.