Click and Collect… A Ferrari?

Click and Collect… A Ferrari?
9th February 2021 Ed Barton-Hilton
Click and collect a Ferrari.

Click and Collect… A Ferrari?

It is no secret that the pandemic has changed buyer behaviours, with store foreclosures for the greater part of last year and much of this year- The question is, have luxury purchase habits also changed?

Under Covid-19 government restrictions, retailers have had to be more creative in the ways that they remain open for business and serve goods to consumers. From fashion retailers to furniture stores, buyers have increasingly been favouring a ‘click-and-collect’ method as an alternative hassle-free way to purchase non-essential items and clear research has suggested that this has proliferated during pandemic months.

This has naturally translated to the car market, in fact, many luxury dealerships have pursued this model and offer a click and collect or delivery option for the purchase of their products.

Customers can simply select and purchase their automobile online and turn up to collect it.

Stuart Hood, Dealer Principle of the Graypaul Ferrari & Maserati dealership has commented that he believes this change is for a number of reasons. Firstly, that click and collect has now become an integral part of his business, ‘From a commercial and safety standpoint and businesses would suffer and potentially close today if we were not able to operate in this way’.

He goes on to say that he believes buyer habits have rapidly evolved, ‘Firstly consumers are more informed. They are doing greater research on the car they wish to buy as they cannot come and physically conduct a viewing, there is also less negotiation as there seems to be a semi shortage of stock available to buy’ he adds that ‘Click and collect has become very popular due to its convenient nature, it has also allowed the dealers to streamline paperwork with more digi-sign documentation which has reduced the overall paper trail required with each transaction… it appears that the decreased human interaction is actually preferred by many customers, although there will always be an element that prefer to see and touch the cars before committing to a purchase’.

He concludes that he believes click and collect is here to stay, buyer behaviour has undoubtedly changed, he foresees internet enquiries increasing and less physical interaction in the future, ‘I think the high-end cars will always have a degree of physical interaction and premium volume dealers will definitely benefit from click and collect. It’s here to stay. He closes that we already offer click and deliver, so we don’t physically see the client at all. This makes it harder to build a relationship with the customer but does makes the sales process more seamless’.

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