Frank Sytner’s E30 M3

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BMW E30 M3 Convertible for sale

1990 BMW E30 M3 Convertible – Ex Frank Sytner, Motorsport Legend and Sytner BMW fame.

Price: £79,995

Dealer: Foskers

Direct Link: Here

About the BMW E30 M3 Convertible:

There are a great classic and modern cars that can trace roots back to the E30 M3, with the ever-popular modern day BMW M1, M2, M3 and M4 being just a handful! First arriving in 1985, the M3 became an instant hit.

Although BMW made around 16,000 E30 M3s in various guises, there were just over 780 convertibles made in total.

With it’s high revving 200bhp 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine (6 cylinder units arrived with the E36), the E30 M3 was a hoot to drive and the ability to remove the roof only added to the pleasure.

About this BMW E30 M3 Convertible:

When English Motorsport legend; BMW legend and general all round anything to do with the car business legend Mr Frank Sytner moved to Monaco, he needed a car that would make the most of the roads he loved so dearly. Mr Sytner knew the Cote D’Azur well, and wanted a car that would excel on his favourite routes while not looking out of place on Casino Drive. This car was his choice.

Offered for sale now by Foskers, it has an impressive service history including a letter from Frank Sytner himself attesting to the quality of the car. It also boasts a recent UK BMW main agent service [by Sytner, I hope! – Rob] as well as full engine tests and read outs to confirm the exceptional condition of the engine in this car.

A great opportunity to finance a classic BMW.

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BMW E30 M3 Convertible – The Dealer’s Final Word:

“This will not be the cheapest M3 Cabrio on the market today and frankly we believe should be the most expensive – we do also believe this is a blue chip investment grade vehicle and a true modern classic”




Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“Frank Sytner’s BMW E30 M3? It’d better have a fully stamped BMW service history!”




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