Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato for sale

1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato – the only known example in the UK

Dealer: Tom Hardman

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About the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato:

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato first appeared in 1956, and we have some bad weather, a riverbed and the forward thinking Massimo Girolamo Leto di Priolo to thank for that.

In 1956, four days after taking delivery of his Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce, Massimo Girolamo Leto di Priolo crashed the car into a riverbed whilst driving in torrential rain in the Milie Miglia. As a result, the bodywork was destroyed. Instead of taking it back to Alfa Romeo, Leto di Priolo took what was left of the car to coach builders Zagato. The wrecked panels were removed, with a new body crafted into place. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato was born.

The new design was around 150kg lighter than the standard car. Due to this reduction in weight and improvement in aerodynamics, the SVZ was immediately competitive against factory cars – a fact duly noted by both competitors and Alfa Romeo.

Following on from the Leto di Priolo car, a further 15 (ish) were re-bodied for customers. Each car was individual to the owner. The three cars now most in demand are the three produced with the the trademark ‘double bubble’ Zagato roof. Although finding and securing one with undisputed period history is be unlikely and costly…

So there we have it. Possibly the best outcome to ever result from crashing your racing car into a riverbed during driving rain.

About this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Zagato:

The car we see here is Chassis Number 04045. It left the Alfa Romeo factory in 1957 as a regular Bertone bodied Giulietta Sprint Coupe.

04045 has spent time in Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Belgium before arriving in the United Kingdom in 2014 after being purchased by an enthusiast.

It is not clear when 04045 was re-bodied as a Sprint Veloce Zagato (SVZ), however it is reputed to be prior to it’s time in Portugal. In Portugal it was successfully rallied and FIA papers from this period are included in the car’s service file.

After arriving in the UK in 2014 the new owner commissioned a much-needed restoration. First of all the rally tuned 1750cc engine was removed and  replaced with the correct 1290cc Giulietta engine. This new engine has undergone race preparation by specialists “Classic Alfa”. This includes a gas flowed head with hardened valve seats, forged pistons, steel rods, race cams etc. The car was repainted in Alfa Romeo Gardenia White to replace the multi shade silver paint. Both the original Zagato-style driver’s seat and the currently fitted competition seat are included in the sale.

Above all this is a truly rare car, equally capable of causing a stir at classic race meetings and on the show circuit.

This could be the perfect chance to finance the classic Alfa Romeo you always wanted.

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Tom Hardman Logo1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta by Zagato – The Dealer’s Final Word:

Personally I think the SVZ is one of the world’s most attractive 1950s sports cars. As well as being rare and highly attractive, SVZs are also eligible for some of the world’s most desirable events. This SVZ as an attractive and rare road car. She always attracts a huge amount of attention wherever she goes



Classic and Sports Finance Say:

“Rare, Italian and unusual. It’d be great to see this car used in the classic racing circuit.”



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